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Still working hard ! [...]
Bientôt.... [...]
La scène Deep House Sud Africaine ! [...]
On the couch with the kings of the dance [...]


John Doe - Kind of speech
News de jeando 23h39 le 30.01.2014
Still working hard !

Et oui, je bosse toujours dur pour que ce site/blog/forum/what else ? puisse un jour devenir réalité... En tant que quasi-newbie en web-dev, ça prend du temps ;)

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News de jeando 23h08 le 14.04.2013

Unconscious Therapy House is a feeling”...one that got its start by blending genres and unifying races at unforgettable warehouse shows. Featuring artists who made their name in house and shape what it is today (Colette, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina and more), Unconscious Therapy tells the whole house story and keeps the feeling going. It’s an homage to a form of music that Chicago has proudly called its own. With Q & A Logan Theatre 4 - Saturday, April 20 at 10pm

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News de Pere Blaise 17h50 le 09.04.2013
La scène Deep House Sud Africaine !

Si vous ne savez pas encore ce qu'il se passe en Afrique Du Sud, voila un reportage sur la scène Deep House avec des interviews d'artistes tels que Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Black Motion ou encore Jullian Gomes...

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News de Pere Blaise 15h34 le 04.04.2013
On the couch with the kings of the dancefloor...

Petite interview des MAW a la Red Bull Music Academy :

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News de charas 10h28 le 29.03.2013

Over the last few weeks the DJ Lab has hosted some truly outstanding sessions from the likes of Visionquest, Move D and The Martinez Brothers.

For the latest installment of live web streams from the corner of our office, we welcomed the legend that is DJ Sneak as well as the super cool sounds of Detroit Swindle.

DJ Sneak
The definition of a house gangster, this man is without question one of the top dogs of the genre. With more than 15 years of experience under his belt and a musical CV that boasts releases on labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Cecille and Desolat. Hold tight, his DJ Lab session was an absolute master class!

Detroit Swindle
The duo are not actually from Detroit (hence the Swindle), but with a musical upbringing firmly focused around Motown, hip hop, funk and jazz, the Motor City has a firm place in the hearts of Dutchmen Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets. They kicked off the lab in superb Swindle style!

Check both of these monster streams below and keep in the Mixmag loop by subscribing to MixmagTV

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News de Jeando 23h09 le 26.03.2013

News de charas 00h52 le 26.03.2013


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